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Polyphonic Wireless Doorbell with Remote Control - 127V~


The Polyphonic Ringer Wireless Remote Control FAME is manufactured with state and uses no wires technology.
Just plug the receiver (Bell) directly into an outlet and choose a location to set the trigger.
Super simple to install: Range 100 meters without barriers. Eliminates the need for wiring. Operating unrelated type "wireless" (wireless).
It has 32 melodies to choose from with crisp, clear sound and avoids interference is ideal for homes, apartments and offices.
- Easy to install
- Waiver wire and cable
- LED indicator on the receiver
- Digital (Dedicated Coding)
- Interference Free
- Comes 12V Battery - A23
- Reach 100m (In Open Field)
- 32 melodies to choose
Polyphonic Wireless Doorbell with Remote Control - 127V~
- Transmitter to 12V Battery - A23 (included).
- 32 music options.
- Sound power: 70-80 dB at 1 meter / 80 - 90 dB at 0.5m.
- Access radius of up to 100 meters in the open.
- Receiver with LED that indicates when it touches.
- No need for wires for installation.
- Operating voltage: 127V ~.
- Digital (Dedicated encoding).

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FAME LTDA guarantees this product against any manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months for the device and 90 days for the Resistance, counted and proven by the date of issue of the sales tax receipt to the consumer.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage suffered by the product as a result of accidents, mistreatment, incorrect and inadequate handling or use, with signs of violation, or even its use for various purposes incompatible with the product's destination, in regular domestic application.
  2. If the defect eventually presented is caused by the Consumer or third parties outside FAME or examined or repaired by a person not authorized by FAME.
  3. If this product is connected at an electrical voltage (voltage) other than that specified in the instructions.


Special recommendations:

  1. Carefully read the instructions for installation and use of the device.
  2. If the device presents any apparent or easy-to-see defect, return to the store where it was purchased to exchange it within 90 days of the purchase date. After 90 days, the warranty remains and the device must be sent to an Authorized Service. Find out at the store where you purchased it from the Authorized Post closest to your residence, or call the SAC - FAME Consumer Service 0800-015 85 00.
  3. For warranty service, it is mandatory to present the sales tax receipt to the consumer.
  4. Any transportation expenses for delivery and removal of devices under warranty will be borne by the owner.