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80 years

The history of FAME begins in 1940, when its founder, **Mr. Álvaro Coelho Silva**, identifying market needs and going against all expectations, began to produce soldering irons that were imported before and then scarce, as the world was facing the 2nd World War. With a humble beginning, in a shed of just 15m² and armed only with a lot of disposition and confidence in the future, Mr. Álvaro Coelho Silva, started one of the largest and most respected Brazilian companies. Since then, growth has been continuous and expressive, washed down with hard work, honesty and certainty of success. Forming first-rate professionals, **Mr. Álvaro Coelho Silva**, transformed a dream and a 15m² warehouse into an industrial complex with 5 plants, more than 2,400 direct jobs, around 40,000 customers and exports to more than 40 countries. Today, even in its absence, FAME is guided by the same principles practiced since 1940: work, vision, honesty and trust in the future.